Your Impact

Act now for Autism

For every $50 donated, 1 child with autism will get a swim lesson with Swim Angelfish. 

For $250 a nonverbal child with autism receives an iPad to communicate with the world around them. 

$500 helps an autism family send their child to sensory friendly and autism specific camps for the summer. 

$1,000 pays for an autism training for teachers or first responders so they can better serve their local autism community. 

$1500 will outfit a special education department with various sensory items, assistive technology, adaptive learning devices and more to set their kiddos on a path for successful learning. 

our programs

Swim Scholarship- Over 400 swim lessons provided to date. 

Autism Trainings- over 80 teachers, 2 dozen first responders and thousands of students/community with autism have benefited. 

Special Education Donations- 10 schools and thousands of kids are receiving equipment, devices and solutions to get on a successful learning path. 

Grant Fund- 36 Autism families have been able to afford summer camp, therapies, sensory equipment, service dogs and more thanks to Jacks Family Grant.